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About Rolex Laser Crown, Luminescence, and Waterproofing Issues

Rolex, being the best-selling high-end watch brand, inevitably attracts counterfeiters. To combat counterfeiting, the company started to discreetly engrave a micro-crown at the 6 o'clock position on the sapphire crystal of most of its watches since 2002. Many customers claim they cannot see the ...

Feature: NEW 2023 Rolex Release Predictions

During a normal year, the prospect of seeing a spate of new Rolex models would be about as slim as Vladimir Putin’s chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. But for Rolex, 2023 isn’t a normal year. It’s a year that celebrates major anniversaries of some of its most iconic models. ...

News: At Long Last – A Rolex In TITANIUM!

When it emerged last year that Rolex had made a one-off prototype titanium Yachtmaster for the British Olympic sailing champion Ben Ainslie, it got people speculating as to what Rolex models might get the full-production titanium treatment. That intriguing prototype made the ...

Feature: Here’s Why This Fake Rolex Is So Accurate

It’s no secret now that if you want to buy a hard-to-find Rolex stainless steel sports watch and you don’t want to spend more than £200, you can quite simply buy a fake. These superclone watches are accurate to the finest detail, at least, within the realms of any normal person’s ...

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